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    Political Fundraising Calls - Call Time 101

    By Andrew Blumenfeld March 19, 2019
  • Candidate Spotlight

    Chris Chyung: Candidate Spotlight

    By Jorian Lewke March 12, 2019
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    A Guide to Asking for Donations

    By Lily Doctoroff March 7, 2019
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    Staff Spotlight: Pavitra Abraham

    By Jorian Lewke March 5, 2019
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    Black History Month - NDTC Candidate Spotlight

    By Lily Doctoroff February 27, 2019
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    Types of Campaign Fundraisers

    By Jorian Lewke February 26, 2019

Chris Chyung: Candidate Spotlight

NDTC is excited to spotlight one of our many #NDTCtrained candidates this month. Representative Chris Chyung recently won his election to represent Dyer, Indiana. He won by a mere 82 votes, making him the youngest legislator in Indiana and the state’s first Asian American representative. He was gracious enough to be the keynote speaker at our Indiana training last month.  [...]

March 12th, 2019

A Guide to Asking for Donations

Running a campaign is a huge task that can’t be completed alone. An effective campaign requires a lot of help from both volunteers and donors, but a lot of people feel uncomfortable asking for donations. Though it may be uncomfortable for some to ask for money it is necessary for any successful campaign. There is nothing wrong with asking the [...]

March 7th, 2019

Staff Spotlight: Pavitra Abraham

NDTC is SO lucky to have an amazing staff, and we want to share their amazingness with the world! We’ll be highlighting a different staff member every month so you can get to know all of us a little better. Here’s our conversation with Pavitra. Tell us about yourself! What has your professional life looked like? How did you get [...]

March 5th, 2019

Black History Month – NDTC Candidate Spotlight

The journey to equality and sufficient representation in American politics for many communities has been - and continues to be - a long and arduous battle.  During this year’s Black History Month, we want to feature some of the African Americans who have fought for equal representation in their communities  These trailblazers pave the way for this generation’s leaders to [...]

February 27th, 2019

Types of Campaign Fundraisers

Campaign fundraisers are common occurrences on our favorite political tv shows, but in real life, they’re often much more subdued, drama-free events. They give the candidate a chance to have more one-on-one interactions than a speech or rally and to meet whole networks of potential supporters and donors. If you’re starting your first campaign, it might seem daunting to have [...]

February 26th, 2019

The Power of Relational Canvassing

Have you ever had a knock at your door, opened it, and found a person with a clipboard on the other side? Did this person ask you a couple of questions in a hurried manner? Hurling hasty facts about a candidate at you? Snatching short answers from you while scribbling on the clipboard, only to rush to your neighbor’s door [...]

February 21st, 2019

Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Clarke

NDTC is proud to have trainers throughout the country that spend their weekends teaching at our incredible Blue Bench Trainings. Each month, we will spotlight one of our trainers to learn more about their backgrounds and their favorite part of being a trainer at NDTC! This month, we are featuring Amanda Clarke, who lends her expertise to teaching our Field [...]

February 14th, 2019

January How to Run for Office FAQ

NDTC Staff Answers Your Questions in the January Office Hours

Are you thinking about running for office or in the beginning stages of your campaign? There are probably a million questions buzzing around in your head (and that actually won’t change much as your campaign progresses).  Have no fear! We’ve got your back. NDTC Director of Online Trainings Rose Clouston answered trainees’ questions about how to run for office on [...]

February 7th, 2019